Natures #1 Supplement – H2O

Lime SplashThe supplements industry in the UK turns over hundreds of millions of pounds every year as guys and girls alike try to find new supplements that can help them attain their end goal, whether that’s muscle growth, toning, fat loss or just supplements to give you plenty of energy for your workout.

Now I have nothing against supplements; however, too many people forget the most basic of supplements, H2O. Water is undeniably your bodies most important nutrient and without an adequate supply of water your body cannot function as it should. Moreover water has the potential to deliver the same / similar results to your expensive supplements if you are pro-active with your hydration.

Losing Weight / Burning Fat

It’s proven that drinking 500 millilitres or water can increase your metabolic rate by up to 30% and further to that, if you were to drink 1.5 litres more per day then you would naturally be rid of 5 lbs over the course of a year.

Skin / Appearance

Ensuring that you remain hydrated will also deliver positive benefits in terms of your skin and appearance. High levels of hydration will protect your teeth with good saliva supplies and tone up your skin, increasing elasticity.

Strong Gym Results

Have you hit a plateau in the gym? Struggling to get the gains that you’re after? The fact is that your bodies muscles are made up of 80% water and even a small amount of dehydration will have a negative effect on your strength, performance and recovery. Dehydration might also cause you to strain or injure yourself as your joints aren’t sufficiently lubricated.

Clear Water for a Clear Mind

Dehydration will make you feel tired, reduce your brains levels of alertness and even affect your short term memory performance. Good hydration levels will ensure that your mind is functioning at optimum levels.

Choose the Right Sources

Getting into a good routine with your hydration can be difficult, particularly if you don’t have a nearby source. I found that my hydration at home and during my workouts was fine but I was lacking at work. After speaking to my colleagues and underlining the positive benefits of great hydration levels, it was decided that a tactically placed water cooler was the most convenient and affordable option. If you do have access to a water cooler or supply in your place of work then you might consider the purchase of a good quality bottle that you can fill and have at your desk.

Click here for more information on water coolers for your office.


So there you have it, water is a highly valuable tool in the war against flab, fatigue and skin ageing just to name a few. Water in high volume is a great addition to your diet and will improve your performance alongside the supplements that you are currently taking.



“Can Somebody Turn That Kettle Off?”

Watch Out!Going to the gym can sometimes be a chore, it’s loud, often busy and the worst thing is the people that you might encounter while working out.

In every gym I’ve been to I have encountered a ‘kettle’, the average joe who makes that annoying little whistle through his teeth after each rep and probably doesn’t even realise that he is doing it.

Even worse is the guy that has evolved past the mere annoying whistle to a whole new level of innappropriate, this guy apparently has no shame about just how much he is enjoying his sets as he releases sounds of an intimate nature after each rep.

I get that every now and then your body can make grunts that are out of your control, almost as if it’s alerting you to the fact that a very heavy bar is making it’s way towards your body with no immediate signs of stopping, however, these are just grunts. Often quiet and definitely forgivable grunts.

This grunt or whistle won’t help you lift that last set, give it a try, it will have no effect on your performance in the gym.

Almost as cringeworthy and annoying is the guy that spends 90% of his workout staring at himself in the mirror to check whether his biceps have grown since his last set.

The pump you get from the gym should last a good few hours if you’re working hard enough so why not wait until you get home and have a good pre-shower posing session.. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to appreciate your own body but it’s not difficult to do this on the sly without attracting the attention of everyone else in the gym.

Last but not least we have the Hulk. I have associated this guy with the hulk as he seems to share the same love of smashing things.

Perhaps you weren’t giving his PB deadlift the attention he thought it deserved so now he must make you aware of just how heavy the lift was, by dropping it from a few foot onto the rubber floor. Not only is this guy driving the people around him mad but he’s also missing out half of his rep by not controlling the weights decent back onto the floor!

I guess that’s the first part of my rant over.. I’ll probably pick this back up when my rage reserve is back at optimum level. I’m sure you guys have encountered the same kinds of people, feel free to let me know your experience in the comments section below!